Awards and Scholarships


  1. Engineer of the Year, Aerospace and Robotics, American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin, February 2022 (Press Release)
  2. Young Alumni Achievement Award, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, August 2021 (Press Release)
  3. COSPAR Outstanding Paper Award for Young Scientists, Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) General Assembly, Pasadena 2018 (Press Release)
  4. NASA Ames Honor Award for Group Achievement, 2017
  5. Best Presentation Award, IAA Latin American Symposium on Small Satellites - Advanced Technologies and Distributed Systems, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017 (Press Release) (BAERI News)
  6. Rotary Vocational Excellence Award, awarded by the Rotary Club of Pune and presented by Prof. K.N. Ganesh, Director, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), India 2017 (Announcement) (Press Release) (Marathi Press Release)
  7. Best Student Paper Award and winner of the Frank J. Redd Student Competition, Small Satellite Conference, Logan Utah 2014 (Awards Website) (NASA/BAERI News)
  8. IAF Luigi G. Napolitano Award at the International Astronautical Congress, China 2013 (Wiki Page) (Press Release) (MIT AA News)
  9. NASA/GSFC John Mather Nobel Scholar Award 2012 (Awards Website) (NASA GSFC News Release)
  10. Best Student Paper Award, Runner-up, at the IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation, Germany 2013 (DLR IAA Website Release)
  11. Best Student Paper Award at the International Workshop for Satellite Constellations and Formation Flying, Portugal 2013 (IAF Press Release)
  12. MIT Graduate Woman of Excellence Award 2013
  13. Clinton Global Initiative Special Announcement Award, CGIU Miami, April 2010 (Press Release)(Philantopic New Digest)(Awarded Proposal)
  14. Lila Poonawalla Award for Professional Excellence, Women in Engineering, 2004
  15. Junior Maharashtra State Mathematics Olympiad (Pravinya), 2000

    Awarded Research Grants

  16. NASA Advanced Information Systems Technology Grant as Principal Investigator, for "D-SHIELD: Distributed Spacecraft with Heuristic Intelligence to Enable Logistical Decisions", in 2020-22 (Press Release)
  17. NASA New Investigator Program/Early Career Grant as Principal Investigator, for "Autonomous Scheduling of Agile Spacecraft Constellations for Rapid Response Imaging", in 2018-21
  18. NASA Game Changing Development grant as Staff Team Member, for the "Distributed Spacecraft Autonomy" experiment onboard the Starling flight mission, in 2018-21 (PDR Release)(Press Release)
  19. NASA Advanced Information Systems Technology grant as co-Investigator, for "Generalizing Distributed Missions Design Using the Tradespace Analysis Tool for Constellations (TAT-C) and Machine Learning (ML)", in 2017-2019 (Press Release)
  20. NASA Advanced Information Systems Technology grant as co-Investigator, for "A Science and Applications Driven Mission Planning Tool for Next Generation Remote Sensing of Snow", in 2017-2019
  21. NASA Earth Science Technology Office grant as Principal Investigator, for "Optimizing the Pointing of Narrow-Field-of-View Remote Sensing Instruments", in 2016
  22. NASA Advanced Information Systems Technology grant as co-Investigator, for "Tradespace Analysis Tool for Designing Earth Science Distributed Missions", in 2015-17 (Press Release)
  23. NASA ARC Center Innovation Fund award as co-Investigator, for "CubeSat Constellation Design for Air Traffic Monitoring", in 2014-15 (Press Release)
  24. NASA/GSFC Internal R and D (IRAD) Grant as a team member, for developing Distributed Space Mission architectures, in 2013-2014
  25. MIT Gordon Engineering Leadership Program - Teaching Assistantship for Spring 2011


  26. NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship 2014-15 (NSPIRES Release) (NASA/GESTAR News)
  27. Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowship 2012-15 (Website Bio) (Press Release)
  28. Zonta Foundation's Amelia Earhart Fellowship 2013 (Zonta Press Release)
  29. MIT Zakhartchenko Fellowship 2012-13
  30. MIT-Total Energy Initiative Fellowship 2009-10 (MITEI-Interview)
  31. MIT Public Service Centre (Paul and Priscilla Gray) Fellowship 2009 (Institute-Awards-Site)
  32. NASA Planetary Geology/Geophysics UG Research Program and CalTech's SFP Fellowship 2008
  33. UC Berkeley Summer School Fellowship 2008, California, USA (in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur, India)
  34. Summer Student Fellowship 2007 by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Massachusetts, USA
  35. Indian Academy of Sciences Summer Fellowship 2007, India
  36. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research Fellowship 2007, India

    Travel Grants

  37. United Nations Scholarship 2012 to present at and contribute to the United Nations/Japan Nano-Satellite Symposium, Nagoya, Japan.
  38. SSPI Satellite Futures Scholarship 2011 to present/moderate at the Space Generation Congress, Cape Town, South Africa (Press Release)
  39. National Space Research Organization of Taiwan Travel Scholarship 2010 for IWSCFF, Taipei, Taiwan
  40. DEISA-TerraGrid Travel Scholarship 2010 for Euro-US Summer School on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences, Catania, Italy
  41. Total Travel Scholarship 2010 to attend the Total Summer School on Corporate Education and Social Responsibility, Chantilly, France (Annual Magazine Release)
  42. Chevron/Society of Exploration Geophysicists Fellowship for Student Leadership Symposium 2008, SEG Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, USA (Press Release)
  43. AGU Student Travel Scholarship for the American Geophysical Union Joint Assembly 2008, Florida, USA